do you think that a crotch lift can give a girl an orgasm?

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do you think that a crotch lift can give a girl an orgasm?

Post  soclope on Sun Feb 05, 2012 10:43 pm

One thing I've always wondered, maybe I even already put on the forum, but I'm not sure.
This question: Do you think it is possible that a girl (or woman) can have an orgasm if you lift her up so in a crotch from behind her, and kept, so let her in this position lifted by you on for a bit 'of minutes, with the legs in the air not touching the ground, while perhaps she is surprised and she move the legs without touching the ground triyng to escape from the lift?
About the crotch from behind, I mean that she is standing i front of us,but not looking at us (the example could be a woman or a girl that look a window of shop and we arrive from behind and lift her, the lift is pass an arm betweeen her legs and the other arm in the front of the shoulders and lift her up so in a straight way as if she is standing with feet on the ground but on the contrary she is lifted by her crotch and she can't touch the ground.

Here I ask you if you think it is possible that, in this way she get an not wanted orgasm that maybe give her a great embarresment for a while.


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